Czech TATRA 8 x 8 Pushed to its Limits

The TATRA 8 x 8 is often considered the European answer to the question, “how are we going to get X over the mountains and through the woods?” Developed with industry and defense in mind, this multi-wheeled rig has long claimed the European spotlight for heavy transport through less than savory conditions. Here get to see one TATRA working its way through the sort of harsh landscape obstacles that would bottom out the average 4 x 4. This Czech company has been building durable, long lasting diesel fueled trucks since the 1950s. Europe, despite its many innovations and scenic roadways, is hardly built on a flat surface. And as such, trucks like the TATRA have been used for everything from flood recovery to defensive convoy operations in Afghanistan.

What’s the TATRA Working With Under the Hood?

It’s certainly no push-over, that’s for sure. With a 1500 lb ft of torque and 400 horsepower at 1000 rpm. That’s an incredible amount of power ready at a moment’s notice. Coming standard with an eight cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine with charge-aircooling direct injection – the basic chassis comes ready to be integrated for everything from moving troops to armored vehicle recovery.

It’s not, however, built for speed. With a max performance speed of 115 km/hr (~71 mph), it’s not made to win races. However, if you need to back out from a steep 30° incline with a pool of murky water beneath – this is the truck to do just that. Or if you need to cut through three feet of pure mud through a treacherous mountain pass, the TATRA can do that as well. So, no kudos at Howie’s Mud Bog Run for hyper fast speeds but certainly it can throw mud up in the air with the best of them.

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What makes the TATRA such a long standing name isn’t simply that they can make one variant well – it’s that they offer multiple different platforms that have all withstoo