Houston Texans Cheerleaders Pull A Showstopper


It seems like we get to be a fly on the wall of sorts at this Freestyle Friday locker room dance party. The Houston Texans Cheerleaders, known as HTC put on one heck of an impromptu show. All of them are easy on the eyes, and the way they move could have been described by some as, “the best thing ever”. Okay, so that is just my opinion, but I’m pretty sure you will agree.

Towards the end, Vanilla Ice himself makes an appearance. He is a lot shyer in person than he was in the 90s. Something about those one hit wonders, they are always a bit more reserved in public, than those who crank out album after album. Besides, he has his own home improvement show now. Plus, he still gets a royalty from his signature hit, so life is certainly not bad for Vanilla.

Notice the #GoNinjaGo, in the banner at the bottom of the screen. There are a couple of other presents as well. The middle one, #TooCold, yields nothing about the cheerleaders. I assume they put it in there as a reference to the song. However, I should invoice you for this information, mind you. If you search the #babesonparade, you will be treated with more HTC eye candy than you can consume in one sitting. In fact, it could very well be illegal to gaze upon that much goodness, check your local state laws before viewing!

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Seeing all of those beautiful NFL cheerleaders dance with such gusto and passion makes you wonder what they have to go through to be a cheerleader. Fear not, fellow sports fans. I