Best Lawnmower Load Up Fail

It’s the simple pleasures in life, you know? There’s things that give us such pleasure and tickle our funny bones in just the right spot. Things like this guy trying to load up his riding lawnmower. He has the right idea, it just seems his weight class is a bit mismatched. Should not be too hard, just line the tires up, give it some gas, and up she goes, into the bed of the truck. I’m sure you have seen this played out a thousand times before.

If you have tailgate ramps of your own, you have probably even loaded up your own lawn mower a time or two. However, I bet you never ended up like this poor fellow. It seems that a lesson in basic physics, or even weight distribution, are in order here. However, and I am sure you will agree, I am glad this guy missed those days of school. What we have here is pure internet gold. If this had a name it would be “overconfident.”

See how this guy roles his lawnmower halfway up the ramps, then immediately begins to go into what I call the wheelie of death. What is that you ask? Well, simply put it is when you have too much weight on the back end of something that has four wheels, and you are trying to load that something with four wheels onto something else by using an incline. There is no recovering from the wheelie of death as evidenced here. The funniest part is the fact that they rewind it to show him upright again, only to topple to his doom for a second time.

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It is during the second replay that I noticed his leg kicking a bit, trying to get free of the lawn tractor. You forget how heavy those riding lawn mowers can be. It is like pushi