Russian Goes Ice Fishing With His Bare Hands

The Russians certainly aren’t shy around the cold. Famed for swimming around in ice capped lakes and regularly taking dips in subzero temperatures, they’ve come to embrace their cold environment and turn it into entertainment. Which is why it should be no surprise to find a Russian ice fishing with his bare hands.

The amazing part, however, is how successful he is at it. Here we see a Russian plunging his fist into a hole in the ice in a common technique used by big catfish hunters as “noodling”. It involves making rhythmic motions with one’s arm under water in the hopes of attracting a fish to take a bite.

However, unlike catfishing, pike are known for their sharp, pointy mouths perfect for amputating a digit or two. So, what is it about this style of ice fishing? Is it the vodka? Or maybe it’s the thrill you get from putting yourself on the brink of hypothermia. We may never know.

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As far back as humans have been eating, they’ve been developing clever ways to catch fish without the use of tools. It’s a basic survival essential. Often times, a fishing r