This Mud Truck Takes an Epic Bath

How’d you think your buddy’s truck would fair in these conditions?  Judging from the boneyard of Howie’s Mud Bog – this is where mud trucks come to show their mettle or leave as scrap.  What we’re looking at here is a Chevy Silverado chassis and frame with nearly four feet of lift.  That’s no ordinary kit. The Silverados generally come in two flavors – beastly diesel or V8 unleaded. 

However, this ain’t no normal Chevrolet off the line.  Our best guess based upon the engine sound and performance was that it’s a classic 572 big block engine.  Let’s take a look at that, shall we? If you’re going to go wrestling in the mud, you’re going to need the proper engine. The ZZ572/720R is not your typical big rig motor.  While it’s more than capable of handling some of the toughest challenges the road can offer – it was designed with much more in mind. 

Starting off from scratch, fresh off the assembly line, it packs an easy 700 hp at 6125 rpm and 600 lb ft of torque at 5250 rpm. On the surface, that in of itself isn’t impressive.  When we take a look at the factory default settings of something like the Duramax, we see that both in terms of lb ft of torque and horsepower that this is nothing to shatter the record books. 

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However, keep in mind that in order to take a truck through the sort of conditions you’d see – a diesel is practically useless. More importantly, it’s far from the end of