Wow! This Truck Driver Makes One Very Wrong Turn

One truck driver with a very oversized load that cannot escape disaster. Check out below what I call the “Reverse Humpty Dumpty.” You remember that rhyme. The egg makes his way up a wall and has a fall. Kings and horses get involved, but Humpty is fried. However, in this instance, Humpty Dumpty is not the egg, but rather the wall.

The bigger questions are what happened during this massive I-beam transport and why? Let’s spend a few minutes together unpacking this, shall we?

 At first glance, this appears to be your standard oversized load in progress. Most often loads of a higher weight class, or those with mass requirements that dictate more road space, will be equipped with a special means of holding the load and an escort.

Here we have both of those present. The steel I-beam being hauled by the semi truck uses a rear dolly to stabilize the beam, and an escort is used to help navigate the roads. The primary job of the escort vehicle is to keep the driver apprised of any obstacles or hazards present that he or she may be unable to see.

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Everything seems to be going as planned until the truck makes a left-hand turn and approaches an overpass. Just before getting onto the bridge, the rear dolly strikes a concrete b