This Simple Wheel Splits Wood In No Time

Don’t mind that there isn’t any sound, but the real spectacle to behold is this very simple contraption. On the surface it looks like just an old wagon wheel with a wedge sticking out of it but once you see it in motion – it’ll change how you cord wood for sure. Dangerous? Yes. And while it is effective, we’ll point out some of the techniques you can use if you’re interested in splitting massive amounts of wood in short time.

Everyone who uses wood to heat their homes is usually trying to find a way to split up wood with the least amount of effort. Now, sometimes folks would rather trade cash for sweat labor and rent a professional-grade log splitter. But others who like using their hands and being outdoors may like giving techniques like this one a try.

Since man has been using fire, he’s been trying to find ways to split wood effectively. However, nowadays, some folks see it as a great excuse to work out. That doesn’t stop us from examining all the ways you can use simple devices to improve the accuracy and retention of both your tools and your cord wood.

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Take an old car tire of whatever width suits you best and stuff it with logs. After chopping the first log, steadily move around the tire in a circular motion hitting all the othe