This Firefighter Shows How to Make an Axe Handle That Never Quits

We’re going to learn how to retrofit a splitting axe with sheet metal to protect the handle from overstrike. Wranglerstar, a YouTube personality who covers a range of subjects related to homesteading, does a really good job in showing the process of how he fashioned a sheet metal collar for a Husqvarna hand-forged splitting axe. Overstrike is a big problem when splitting wood.

It doesn’t matter the quality of the handle or the disposition of the blade, eventually an overstrike will occur. And in the case of the Husqvarna splitting axe, unlike traditional splitting mauls, it’s more exposed to this tendency due to its smaller size. What makes this axe truly advantageous is it has an admirable splitting capability at far less weight than a traditional maul.

Husqvarna’s signature hand-crafted splitting axe proved to be a bit of a challenge for the Wranglerstar host as while it was extremely well made, it was not quite symmetrical. He lamented the fact that he hadn’t been able to add the collar before the axe head had been attached to the hickory shaft but alas – most of us are in that same predicament.

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Taking a piece of 22 gauge sheet metal procured from a hardware store and tin snips, he meticulously measured out the dimension on the shaft before cutting. A good lesson learned