This Can-Am Outlander ATV Eats Bog for Breakfast

It’s no secret – ATVs were born for the mud, the snow, and the ice.  Below, however, we see the modifications necessary to take a top notch Can-Am Outlander through bogs so deep we could lose a car in them!  So what makes this brand of ATV so memorable?  Right out of the factory, these ATVs were born and bred to take on some treacherous conditions.  And at a price point that is altogether reasonable for the performance, it’s no wonder Can-Am has quickly become the trusted name in off-roading.

Let’s Start with the Outlander’s Powertrain

With a 976 cc V-twin, liquid-cooled SOHC 8 valve engine – it’s no shy guy when it comes to force.  There’s more engine displacement in an Outlander than a Ducati Streetfighter.  However, most of that energy is transferred to pure torque as that’s what’s required to bite through the swamp and get out the other side.

It’s transmission is no joke, either.  Sporting a CVT style tranny with selectable two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive capability and the Visco-Lok QE auto-lock differentials, it reaches down to grab whatever mud there is and chew clay pan.

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