This Boat Comes in Hot, But Wait

There’s a right way to load up the boat after a hard day of fishing, and there is this way. This is an Alaskan fishing boat being loaded up in Ninilchik,AK. They are a tight knit community of just under 1,000 people. Many of them are descendants of the Aleut and Alutiiq people. They are accustomed to living off the land, and Ninilchik is a fishing village so loading up boats is pretty common. There is even a packing facility in town that garners a lot of seasonal employment.

Yet, tourism has taken hold and Ninilchik is a popular destination for those who are fisherman. Salmon fishing in particular is quite a popular tourist attraction. So much to the point that there are guided commercial tours to give those who seek it a taste of the industry. You might get wet so bring your rain coat and slick boots. You probably already knew that, though.

There is a community that has grown up in and around the original village itself, yet the heart and soul of the community still remains true to the river and the ocean. Spend some time there and you will see tradition is strong and the sea revered. It is a food source, industry source, and a place of recreation. What does all of this mean exactly? What am I trying to say?

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These guys are used to being around the water with big pieces of equipment. This is a normal part of their life. They see as many boats as they do cars. In fact, they probably see