Tank Versus Tractor Tug of War

Typically we think of tanks as those indestructible pieces of military equipment that can blast anything to smithereens. In war they are indispensable. Line them up against the enemy and let them go to work. They are also used as mules, hauling pieces of equipment to and fro, setting up bridges, transporting troops; that sort of thing. They are beasts to say the least.

Well, at least until you see this tractor pull event in Germany. The sport is quite popular there garnering crowds that could easily fill one of our college basketball stadiums. The tank you are viewing is a Panzer. Though it is a beast on the battlefield, it doesn’t really seem to perform that well here in the tractor pull competition.

To be fair though, the tractor outweighs the tank by probably half of its body weight. That’s helpful in any sort of sled pull type event, particularly when it comes to tractors versus military machinery. However, the trade-off is this; tractors might pull you around the field, but you could always spin the turret around and dispense with the tractor in a heartbeat. All the pulling power in the world doesn’t make for much if you don’t have a gun to back it up!

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Also, in the spirit of fairness, there is something else that is not accounted for… traction. Take a look again. As it happens, tread matters. Think of it in terms of racing and