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Dodge Challengers

Great Vs New: 1970 Dodge Challenger Races 2013 Challenger

You know what they say – there’s nothing new under the sun.  Right?  Well, this race may just prove which generation built the best Dodge Challenger.  Take a look below…

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Chevy Truck Mud Mod

This Mud Truck Takes an Epic Bath

How’d you think your buddy’s truck would fair in these conditions?  Judging from the boneyard of Howie’s Mud Bog – this is where mud trucks come to show their mettle…

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Grain Silo Vs Tracker

Geo Tracker Gets Tracked Down by Excavator

Remember those little roller skate Geo Trackers that every cute girl in high school used to drive? To refresh your memory, they had an overall length of 143 inches. That…

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Kawasaki Mod

Kawasaki Motorcycle Looks Like A Stunt Devil On The Freeway

The Kawasaki ZX6R is essentially the road warrior of sports bikes. Having been produced in some fashion for over thirty years, it’s only fitting that it would be the choice…

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Axe Wood Cutting

This Firefighter Shows How to Make an Axe Handle That Never Quits

We’re going to learn how to retrofit a splitting axe with sheet metal to protect the handle from overstrike. Wranglerstar, a YouTube personality who covers a range of subjects related…

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ATV Mudding

This Can-Am Outlander ATV Eats Bog for Breakfast

It’s no secret – ATVs were born for the mud, the snow, and the ice.  Below, however, we see the modifications necessary to take a top notch Can-Am Outlander through…

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Tatra 8x8

Czech TATRA 8 x 8 Pushed to its Limits

The TATRA 8 x 8 is often considered the European answer to the question, “how are we going to get X over the mountains and through the woods?” Developed with…

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Jet Ski Lift

You Won’t Believe How This Girl Gets Her Jet Ski to the Beach

Every now and then you come across something so simple that it blows your mind. It’s like the simple and spectacular meet, and the rest is history. That is what…

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Redneck Log Splitter

This Simple Wheel Splits Wood In No Time

Don’t mind that there isn’t any sound, but the real spectacle to behold is this very simple contraption. On the surface it looks like just an old wagon wheel with…

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Russian Ice Fishing

Russian Goes Ice Fishing With His Bare Hands

The Russians certainly aren’t shy around the cold. Famed for swimming around in ice capped lakes and regularly taking dips in subzero temperatures, they’ve come to embrace their cold environment…

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