How Does This Massive Motorcycle Run With No Transmission?

Take a good long look at this smoking motorcycle. I’m sure you have seen your fair share of cool motorcycles, but every now and then you look at one that leaves you with your mouth hanging open. That is exactly what happened to me the first time I saw this. This other-worldly bike looks like a beast on the road, complete with plumes of smoke being shot out behind. Take a look for yourself and check it out. That’s one amazing bike, right?

Now, I’m sure when you saw this, a couple of things stood out. Things like, oh I don’t know, the size of the bike. It’s sheer size is impressive. This is not your grandfather’s Harley for sure. It is much longer, and has more beef. It is a road beast with large tailpipes to prove it. It is the type of motorcycle that beats any crotch rocket comparison hands down. Sure, they may be faster, but this thing outclasses them in every other way, including aesthetics. This hydrostatic bike is pure eye candy, even though it lacks the chrome out kits found on other models.

Second, beyond it’s size and visual appeal, I bet you noticed the absence of one very key piece of equipment… a transmission. What, you didn’t notice that? Look at it again and pay close attention. See what I mean. There is not a transmission to speak of on this bike, which begs the question, how do the wheels turn?

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The short answer is that this bike is an all-wheel-drive hydrostatic turbo diesel. That means it is fast, powered with diesel, and driven by a hydrostatic engine. Alright so, â€