Kayak Fisherman Catches Unbelievable Monster


Which one of us has not hopped in a kayak and paddled out to the middle of a lake, or pond, in search of a good catch? There is nothing like a good day fishing from your kayak. It is refreshing, serene, and puts you at one with nature. At least, that is what I tell my wife so I can get out of the house. I just love to go kayak fishing. Yet, I have never had a day on the water end up like this fellow here. His day of fishing is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Can You Guess What Lurks Beneath the Kayak?

Initially, he does what we all do, send a cast into the lake in search of fish. His line gets snagged, and he begins to do what most of us would… pull and twist in an effort to get it free. It’s amazing that as far as we have come with sport fishing, a simple rock, or tree branch underwater, can still ruin a perfectly good cast.

You would think we would’ve been able to come up with some sort of fishing rig to combat this, but mother nature always seems to own us with tree limbs and rocks under the surface. I guess you can’t fault her, though. After all, we are pulling her bounty from the water so it’s only natural to expect backlash every once in a while. Yet, sometimes she serves up her revenge in the most unusual way.

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Sometimes she just goes all out. What started off as a snag for this guy turns into something completely unexpected. After pulling, and pulling… and then pulling some more, we g