Kawasaki Motorcycle Looks Like A Stunt Devil On The Freeway

The Kawasaki ZX6R is essentially the road warrior of sports bikes. Having been produced in some fashion for over thirty years, it’s only fitting that it would be the choice for veteran stunt bike racer Sitdown Steve. Sitdown Steve takes his modified Kawasaki ZX636 out on the freeway to perform some one of a kind stunts for the camera.

Please do keep in mind – this is theoretically a professional and his stunts should in no way be repeated. While Kawasaki has always made a traditionally strong sport bike, most if not all have come out of the factory built for speed and agility – not high performance stunt maneuvers. In order to bring Sitdown Steve’s sports bike in line with these sorts of stunts, he had to have some heavy modifications made.

Stunt Bike Modifications for Wheelie Aficionados

1. Rear Hand Brake

This is really an essential component. Once that front wheel is in the air – the entire center of gravity for this bike is shifted in a way it wasn’t engineered for.

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In order to allow for a stunt rider to maintain control of the acceleration, he’s gotta stay in pretty much a single gear the whole time he’s cruising down the freeway. As su