Geo Tracker Gets Tracked Down by Excavator

Remember those little roller skate Geo Trackers that every cute girl in high school used to drive? To refresh your memory, they had an overall length of 143 inches. That comes out to just over 11 feet in case you need someone to do the math for you. Don’t worry, I had to look it up too. They weighed just over 2,400 pounds and had about 46 ft.³ of cargo space.

Oh, and they were not very tall either. In fact, the tallest model topped out at 66 1/2 inches. That is not even six feet tall. However, couple that with an 11 gallon tank and a four cylinder engine, and what do you have? A little roller skate vehicle that is pretty handy with gas mileage. That’s why everyone loved them, even though they did not do so well in rollover tests (they would flip faster than an acrobat at a circus if you cornered too quickly).

However, they were quite handy for getting students back and forth to school. It also gave them the illusion of having a convertible sporty ride… when they really just had a dwarf Jeep with no top. Anyway, why do I mention all of this? Well, if you were like me, there was always that streak in you that would love to have seen one of these things get absolutely demolished.

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It seems like you could kick one with your foot and send it flying across a parking lot. There was something about those little cars that made you just want to destroy them. Well