Diesel Chevy Drifts Like a Stock Car

Diesel Dave, as he’s known in those circles, got his rise to fame by taking what we all love – big, powerful trucks – and making them better. He doesn’t just outfit a good truck into a great truck – he takes them on in big scale redesign projects. That leaves a lot of people wondering, what’s the end product? Greatness. Diesel Power Gear is all about the diesel lifestyle. It’s not just an option for fuel economy and power – it’s a way of life.

Diesel Dave and the folks at Diesel Power Gear seem to definitely get that. Whether it’s cruising around the block or hauling it big time through the back country brush, it’s the little things that count. Starting with a Chevy Silverado 3500HD series 6.6 L Duramax diesel engine, this rig is already ready to haul. The Chevy LML Duramax V8 is firing up almost 400 hp and a staggering 765 lb ft of torque. What takes this monster to the next level? Twin turbo charging the engine and boosting its throughput with dual smoke stacks out the back. Bump it up a notch with a five inch lift kit with new anodized steel rigging and and that is one behemoth to whip around the parking lot.

The reason why the twin turbo configuration is really essential is one of the problems with having such a powerful diesel engine is getting it spooled up enough to pull off stunts like this. In order for a truck to get the instantaneous power it needs – it needs dual twin turbochargers. It’s a rather small modification overall, but it is time intensive and demands attention to the quality of the twin turbo kit being installed. That’s especially true – like scenarios like this – where twin turbo charge doesn’t always lead to knowing the limits. There’s almost nothing worse than seeing a well designed pick-up with a twin turbo charged diesel fall apart.

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Outside of the world of heavy duty monster truck modifications, Diesel Dave is famous for pulling some rather affable antics. Whether it’s working on the Mega Ram Runner 6 door