RD Log Barge Dismount 1

Log Barge Unloads Like a Boss

  So what exactly is going on here? What you are looking at is a log barge. Specifically, this vessel is known as the Sea Span Phoenix. It was designed…

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Chevy Truck Mud Mod

This Mud Truck Takes an Epic Bath

How’d you think your buddy’s truck would fair in these conditions?  Judging from the boneyard of Howie’s Mud Bog – this is where mud trucks come to show their mettle…

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Axe Wood Cutting

This Firefighter Shows How to Make an Axe Handle That Never Quits

We’re going to learn how to retrofit a splitting axe with sheet metal to protect the handle from overstrike. Wranglerstar, a YouTube personality who covers a range of subjects related…

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ATV Mudding

This Can-Am Outlander ATV Eats Bog for Breakfast

It’s no secret – ATVs were born for the mud, the snow, and the ice.  Below, however, we see the modifications necessary to take a top notch Can-Am Outlander through…

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