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8 ridiculous helmets

30 Ridiculous Custom Motorcycle Helmets

We aren’t exactly sure what’s going on here, but either way it’s cracking us up. This guy is rocking full on massive bullhorns on his motorcycle helmet and we love…

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Loadinf Boat

This Boat Comes in Hot, But Wait

There’s a right way to load up the boat after a hard day of fishing, and there is this way. This is an Alaskan fishing boat being loaded up in…

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Kayaker Catches

Kayak Fisherman Catches Unbelievable Monster

  Which one of us has not hopped in a kayak and paddled out to the middle of a lake, or pond, in search of a good catch? There is…

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RD Log Barge Dismount 1

Log Barge Unloads Like a Boss

  So what exactly is going on here? What you are looking at is a log barge. Specifically, this vessel is known as the Sea Span Phoenix. It was designed…

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Houstan Texans Cheerleaders Pull A Showstopper Freestyle Friday Routine

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Pull A Showstopper

  It seems like we get to be a fly on the wall of sorts at this Freestyle Friday locker room dance party. The Houston Texans Cheerleaders, known as HTC…

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RD Smoking Bike 1

How Does This Massive Motorcycle Run With No Transmission?

Take a good long look at this smoking motorcycle. I’m sure you have seen your fair share of cool motorcycles, but every now and then you look at one that…

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Grand Cherokee SRT8

Would You Race a Jeep Grand Cherokee Against a Corvette?

No one is going to contest that the Corvette isn’t a stellar performance vehicle.  Built with an aerodynamic design and a standard 7.0 L small block engine that boasts an…

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RD IBeam Disaster 1

Wow! This Truck Driver Makes One Very Wrong Turn

One truck driver with a very oversized load that cannot escape disaster. Check out below what I call the “Reverse Humpty Dumpty.” You remember that rhyme. The egg makes his…

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Diesel Chevy Drifts Like a Stock Car

Diesel Chevy Drifts Like a Stock Car

Diesel Dave, as he’s known in those circles, got his rise to fame by taking what we all love – big, powerful trucks – and making them better. He doesn’t…

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Dodge Challengers

Great Vs New: 1970 Dodge Challenger Races 2013 Challenger

You know what they say – there’s nothing new under the sun.  Right?  Well, this race may just prove which generation built the best Dodge Challenger.  Take a look below…

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